Customized Germ-free Services

GemPharmatech can supply a full set of proprietary germ-free housing apparatus and provide complete technical training to clients who are interested in establishing germ-free experimental platforms. We also provide services including customized sterility testing, aseptic instruments and mice feed. 

Microbiota studies are important in a number of research fields, and gut microbiota plays a key role in the onset, progression, and treatment of metabolic diseases, inflammatory bowel disease, tumor immunotherapy, and neurological disorders. Our germ-free mice and gut microbiome service platform can be used to explore the gut microbiome according to the client demands.

Microbiology ServicesIn Vivo ServicesIn vitro AnalysisBioinformatics

·Microbial Culture

·Fecal Microbiota extraction

·Single Strain/Flora Transplantation

·Bacterial Identification:

 Qualitative testing

 Quantitative testing

·Drug Delivery:

 Intraperitoneal, subcutaneous, oral gavage, intravenous.

·Blood Collection:

 Submandibular plexus, tail vein, retro-orbital.


 Body weight, blood glucose, food intake.

·Sample Collection:

 Blood, feces, urine.

·Cell Experiments:

 Cell isolation and culture

 Tumor cell line inoculation

·Flow Cytometry:

 Cell analysis

 Antibody binding assay

·Pathology Experiments:

 Staining and sectioning


·Molecular Assays:


 Blood Biochemistry


·16s rRNA Amplicon Sequencing:

 OTU/ASV taxonomic analysis

 Community composition analysis

 Alpha diversity analysis

 Beta diversity analysis

·Metagenomic Sequencing:

 Species annotation and compositional profiling

 Gene prediction and functional annotation

 Alpha and Beta diversity analysis

 Key biomarker screening


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