Customized Mice Breeding Services

If you do not have the time, staff, space, or resources to manage your own mouse colonies, GemPharmatech's customized mouse breeding service provides the solution. Given the needs for your research program, GemPharmatech will design a detailed breeding plan, maintain the most reasonable breeding scale, and provide the cohort at the right time and right size, so you can focus on your research.

Our experts design breeding strategies for you and carry them out quickly, with excellent quality.


  • The leading professional mouse breeding service provider in China

  • More than ten years of breeding experience

  • Global client base of well-known research organizations, biotechnology companies, and pharmaceutical companies

  • State-of-the-art facility with professional monitoring system and management staff who ensures the cleanliness of the premise and quality of the animals

  • Exemplary colony management methods, with a professional project management system and real-time monitoring of the mouse breeding process

Advanced Facilities

As one of China's earliest large-scale semi-automated mouse production facilities, our animal facilities were designed with energy conservation, automation, and multi-functionality in mind.  The building area of the facility is over 10,000 m2, housing more than 140,000 mouse cages, all of which are barrier facilities with an air-cleaness level of 7. The entire animal facility is highly automated, utilizing a customized air conditioning automatic control system with Siemens and other imported temperature and humidity sensors, wind speed sensors, and controllers to achieve intelligent and accurate control of animal room temperature and humidity, pressure, and other environmental conditions. Using a ground-source heat pump to supply energy to the building's air conditioning system results in up to a 50% reduction in energy use. For mouse husbandry and breeding, a barrier system with an IVC/IVU housing system and an automatic drinking mechanism is employed, while the IVC/IVU system adopting a centralized air supply and exhaust independent of the barrier system. The facilities are split into production, experimentation, isolation, and quarantine areas. Stringent control is implemented over workflow, logistics, and animal movement.

Integrated Breeding Administration

Management system: We employ the professional mouse management software EAMS system, which is fully functional, uses PDA clients simultaneously, and includes a unique chip identification system on each mouse cage to communicate mouse breeding data in real-time.

Breeding environment: Breeding rooms maintain a positive pressure system, the temperature is maintained between 20° and 26 ℃, the relative humidity is kept between 40% and 70%, and the noise level is less than 60 dB. The light cycle is 12h/ 12h, and the room is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

Quality Control: A veterinary staff team with extensive experience and professional expertise are responsible for the lab-animal quality assurance system. Through rigorous quality control in the veterinary department, we deliver laboratory animals that exceed national and international criteria for quality. Methods for evaluating animal health include pathology, microbiology, and parasitology, etc. 


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