Other Immunodeficient Strains

An immunodeficient mouse is one which has deficiencies in one or more components of the immune system. With the advent of gene editing technology, more and more immunodeficienct mouse strains have been developed, playing an increasingly important role in the research fields of immunology, infectious diseases, oncology, and stem cell biology. In addition to our NCG and NCG derivative lines, GemPharmatech offers a number of other immunodecifient strains.

Strain No.
Strain Name Strain Type Description
T001492 NOD-Scid KO Lack of T/B cells
T004753 B6-Rag1-KO KO Lack of T/B cells
T015768 B6-Il2rg-KO KO Lack of NK cells
T002289 NOD/ShiLtJGpt-Rag1/Il2rg-KO KO Lack of T/B/NK cells
D000521 BALB/c-Nude Spontaneous Mutation Lack of T cells