The Challenges and Strategies of NK Cell Related IO Therapy in Preclinical Drug Evaluation

Jul 26,2022

NK cells (Natural Killer Cells)are bone-marrow derived granular lymphocytes that are crucial in immune defense. In recent years natural killer (NK) cell therapy is becoming a rising star in oncology therapeutic development because of its advantages in effectiveness and safety compared to CAR-T treatment. However, limited in-vivo persistence and precise prediction of ADCC are challenges for NK cell therapies. At GemPharmatech, we strive to create animal models that will assist in elucidating the challenges that are currently faced in the NK cell therapy area. We independently developed NCG-hIL15 and B6-hFcgRs mouse models for the preclinical studies of CAR NK therapies. In this webinar, our scientists will introduce:

  • Limited persistence of NK cells and strategies in preclinical studies

  • Differences in clinical response of ADCC effect between animals and humans and corresponding solutions

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