Preclinical Evaluation of CAR T Immunotherapies Using Novel Animal Models

June 28, 2022

Speaker: Jinhua Lu, PhD

Chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T cell therapy has produced remarkably effective and durable clinical responses. CARs are engineered synthetic receptors that function to redirect lymphocytes, most commonly T cells, to recognize and eliminate cells expressing a specific target antigen. Although cellular immunotherapies, especially CAR T therapies, have achieved unparalleled successes in treating blood tumors, further development of these novel therapies has proven to be challenging. One of the challenges preclinical CAR T cell researchers face is a lack of translationally relevant animal models. Please join us and invited speaker Dr. Jinhua Lu, Co-founder, and Chief Scientific Officer of TriArm Therapeutics. During this webinar Dr. Lu will share his experience in immunotherapy drug development, introduce CAR T cells, and discuss their current therapeutic limitations. Dr. Lu will also discuss a role for using immunodeficient and humanized mouse models to advance CAR T cell immunotherapy research.

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