KPC Mouse Model and Cell Line for Pancreatic Cancer Therapy Research

Oct 11,2022

Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma is a highly malignant pancreatic cancer, accounting for more than 90% of malignant pancreatic tumors. To understand the progression of pancreatic cancer and improve oncology drug development, GemPharmatech developed a spontaneous KPC tumor mouse model by introducing Kras G12Dand P53 R172H point mutations in B6 mice. This spontaneous KPC tumor model and the primary tumor luciferase cell line (mPAKPC) developed from the KPC mouse model are powerful tools for pancreatic cancer research and evaluating cancer drug efficacy. In addition to the KPC mouse and cell-line models, we also provide various spontaneous tumor model resources for preclinical drug development.

Keypoints that will be discussed in this webinar:

  • An introduction to pancreatic cancer

  • Establishment of mPAKPC tumor model and luciferase cell line

  • Application of mPAKPC tumor model for the evaluation of oncology therapeutics

  • Spontaneous tumor model resources

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