BALB/c-hCD3EDG/hBCMA|Strain NO.T059045

Knockin (KI),Transgenic (Tg)

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Strain Name: BALB/cJGpt-Cd3e,d,gtm1(hCD3E,D,G)Tnfrsf17em1Cin(hTNFRSF17)/Gpt
Strain Number: T059045
Official Symbol: TNFRSF17,Cd3g,Cd3d,Cd3e,Tnfrsf17
Strain Strategy: T059045.BALBc-hCD3EDG_hBCMA strain info.pdf
Official Full Name: CD3 antigen, epsilon polypeptide、CD3e molecule、CD3d molecule、CD3 antigen, delta polypeptid、CD3 antigen, delta polypeptide、CD3 antigen, gamma polypeptide、tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily, member 17、TNF receptor superfamily member 17,CD3 antigen, gamma polypeptide,CD3 antigen, delta polypeptide,CD3 antigen, epsilon polypeptide
Also Known As: CD3epsilon;AI504783;T3e;CD3;T3E;TCRE;IMD18;T3d;T3G;IMD17;CD3-GAMMA;T3g;Ctg3;Ctg-3;BCM; BCMA; CD269; TNFRSF13A;Tnfrsf13; Tnfrsf13a,Ctg-3,Ctg3,T3g,T3d,AI504783,CD3,CD3epsilon,T3e
NCBI Number: 125029171250039651891612501
MGI Number: 883338833188332
Research Areas: Humanized model,Gene humanization model,Humanization of tumor targets
Strain Background: [N000020] BALB/cJGpt
Modification Type: Knockin (KI),Transgenic (Tg)
Inventory Status: Live,Cryopreserved
Sale Status: IF (Available for Distribution)
Health Status: Specific pathogen free (SPF)
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