Ccny-flox|Strain NO.T009936

Conditional knockout (cKO)

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Strain Name: C57BL/6JGpt-Ccnyem1Cflox/Gpt
Strain Number: T009936
Official Symbol: Ccny
Strain Strategy: T009936.Ccny Cas9-CKO Strategy-EN.pdf
Official Full Name: cyclin Y
Also Known As: 1700025H17Rik,3110050L10Rik,4631402G10Rik,5730405I09Rik
NCBI Number: 67974
MGI Number: 1915224
Chromosome: 18
Research Areas: Metabolic research,Developmental Biology,nervous system,Signal Transduction,adipose tissue,digestive/alimentary system,Protein metabolism,liver/biliary system,Physiological system,homeostasis/metabolism,behavior/neurological,Cell biology,Molecular biology,cellular,growth/size/body,cell nucleus,Organelles membrane,Regulation of enzyme activity
Strain Background: [N000013] C57BL/6JGpt
Modification Type: Conditional knockout (cKO)
Inventory Status: R&D
Sale Status: RD (Under Development)
Health Status: Specific pathogen free (SPF)
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Gene Family: Cyclins