BALB/c-hPD1/hPDL1/hCD137|Strain NO.T007056

Knockin (KI)

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Strain Name: BALB/cJGpt-Pdcd1em1Cin(hPDCD1)Cd274tm1(hCD274)Tnfrsf9em1Cin(hTNFRSF9)/Gpt
Strain Number: T007056
Official Symbol: PDCD1,TNFRSF9,Cd274,CD274,Pdcd1,Tnfrsf9
Strain Strategy: T007056.BALB_c-hPD1_hPDL1_hCD137.strain info.pdf
Official Full Name: programmed cell death 1,TNF receptor superfamily member 9,CD274 antigen,CD274 molecule
Also Known As: Ly101,PD-1,Pdc1,4-1BB,CD137,CDw137,ILA,A530045L16Rik,B7h1,Pdcd1l1,Pdcd1
NCBI Number: 1856651332194236046053329126
MGI Number: 1101059
Research Areas: Humanized model,Gene humanization model,Humanization of tumor targets
Strain Background: [N000020] BALB/cJGpt
Modification Type: Knockin (KI)
Inventory Status: Live,Cryopreserved
Sale Status: IF (Available for Distribution)
Health Status: Specific pathogen free (SPF)
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Publications: 1. Generation of a safe and efficacious llama single-domain antibody fragment (vHH) targeting the membrane-proximal region of 4-1BB for engineering therapeutic bispecific antibodies for cancer