B6-Il10-KO|Strain NO.T005959

Knockout (KO)

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Strain Name: C57BL/6JGpt-Il10em1Cd4885/Gpt
Strain Number: T005959
Official Symbol: Il10
Strain Strategy: T005959.B6-IL10 KO strain info.pdf
Official Full Name: interleukin 10
Also Known As: CSIF,Il-10
NCBI Number: 16153
MGI Number: 96537
Chromosome: 1
Research Areas: Disease Models,Autoimmune diseases
Strain Background: [N000013] C57BL/6JGpt
Modification Type: Knockout (KO)
Inventory Status: Live,Cryopreserved
Sale Status: IF (Available for Distribution)
Health Status: Specific pathogen free (SPF)
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Publications: 1. Cholesterol sulfate alleviates ulcerative colitis by promoting cholesterol biosynthesis in colonic epithelial cells2. Therapeutic targeting of vimentin by ALD-R491 impacts multiple pathogenic processes to attenuate acute and chronic colitis in mice3. B cell subsets contribute to myocardial protection by inducing neutrophil apoptosis after ischemia and reperfusion4. Abelmoschus manihot polysaccharide fortifies intestinal mucus barrier to alleviate intestinal inflammation by modulating Akkermansia muciniphila abundance
Gene Family: Interleukins