FVB-MMTV-PyMT|Strain NO.T004993

Transgenic (Tg)

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Strain Name: FVB/NJGpt-Tg(MMTV-PyMT)/Gpt
Strain Number: T004993
Official Symbol: Fam89b
Strain Strategy: T004993.FVB-MMTV-PyMT strain info.pdf
Official Full Name: family with sequence similarity 89, member B
Also Known As: 1110021A21Rik,MMTV,Mtvr2
NCBI Number: 17826
MGI Number: 106595
Research Areas: Disease Models,Tumor model,Spontaneous tumor
Strain Background: [N000026] FVB/NJGpt
Modification Type: Transgenic (Tg)
Inventory Status: Live,Cryopreserved
Sale Status: IF (Available for Distribution)
Health Status: Specific pathogen free (SPF)
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Publications: 1. Brown-fat-mediated tumour suppression by cold-altered global metabolism2. Chronic pulmonary bacterial infection facilitates breast cancer lung metastasis by recruiting tumor-promoting MHCII(hi) neutrophils3. A circular RNA activated by TGFbeta promotes tumor metastasis through enhancing IGF2BP3-mediated PDPN mRNA stability4. GATA3 functions downstream of BRCA1 to promote DNA damage repair and suppress dedifferentiation in breast cancer