NCG-X|Strain NO.T003802

Point mutation (PM)

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Strain Name: NOD/ShiLtJGpt-Prkdcem26Cd52Il2rgem26Cd22kitem1Cin(V831M)/Gpt
Strain Number: T003802
Official Symbol: Kit
Strain Strategy: T003802.NCG-X strain info.pdf
Official Full Name: KIT proto-oncogene receptor tyrosine kinase
Also Known As: Bs,CD117,Fdc,Gsfsco1,Gsfsco5,Gsfsow3,SCO1,SCO5,SOW3,Ssm,Tr-kit,W,c-KIT
NCBI Number: 16590
MGI Number: 96677
Chromosome: 5
Research Areas: Humanized model,Humanization of the immune system,Immunodeficiency
Strain Background: [N000235] NOD/ShiLtJGpt
Modification Type: Point mutation (PM)
Inventory Status: Live,Cryopreserved
Sale Status: IF (Available for Distribution)
Health Status: Specific pathogen free (SPF)
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Publications: 1. Epigenetic inactivation of ERF reactivates γ-globin expression in β-thalassemia2. Hypoxia drives hematopoiesis with the enhancement of T lineage through eliciting arterial specification of hematopoietic endothelial progenitors from hESC3. Tumor cell-released kynurenine biases MEP differentiation into megakaryocytes in individuals with cancer by activating AhR-RUNX14. Tumor-derived exosomal linc00881 induces lung fibroblast activation and promotes osteosarcoma lung migration5. Therapeutic adenine base editing of human hematopoietic stem cells
Gene Family: CD moleculesImmunoglobulin like domain containingReceptor tyrosine kinases