Human Immune Reconstituted Mice in Translational Medicine: Challenges and Solutions

March 20, 2023

Over the past few years, GemPharmatech has developed several new strains of transgenic immunodeficient mice on our proprietary NCG background. These next-generation NCG strains have additional benefits such as supporting higher levels of human immune system reconstitution or slowing the occurrence of GVHD. These models are of great significance for basic research in immunology, evaluating preclinical efficacy, and understanding the function of the human immune system in vivo. They are also increasingly being used as efficacy and safety models to evaluate new therapies and approaches in immuno-oncology, autoimmune diseases, and infection-related drugs prior to their application in humans.

The topics for this webinar will include:

  • An introduction to our NCG and NCG derivatives

  • An overview of our next-generation NCG strains and their role in immuno-oncology and autoimmune research

PDT 8:00 am | CDT 10:00 am | EDT 11:00 am | CEST 17:00 pm, April 4th, 2023

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