KOAP: Genetically Modified Mouse Models and Their Applications

January 25, 2022

Speaker: Steven J. Smith, PhD

GemPharmatech is a leading provider of genetically engineered mouse models and preclinical services to global R&D communities. GemPharmatech’s ambitious Knockout All Project (KOAP) aims to generate knockout (KO) and conditional knockout (cKO) mouse strains for all ~23,000 protein coding genes in the mouse genome. Our specialized CRISPR-Cas9 platform can generate KO and cKO mice quickly and efficiently, enabling the production of over 6,000 new mutant strains annually. Nearly 8,000 genes have been successfully targeted thus far, providing KO and cKO mouse models for a wide array of research fields such as oncology, autoimmunity, metabolism, and neurodegeneration. KOAP aims to provide the best tool mice to our customers to accelerate biomedical discovery and drug development.

In this webinar, Dr Han and Dr Smith will share the most up-to-date data on GemPharmatech’s KOAP project, as well as genetic disease models and genetically humanized models. Key points include:

  • Mouse Genome Modification Strategies; 

  • Knockout All Project; 

  • Genetic Disease Models; 

  • Genetically Humanized Models.

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