Immunodeficient Mouse Models for Cancer and Immunotherapy Research: NCG and Next-Generation NCG Mice

Apr 26,2022

Speaker: Santi Suryani Chen, PhD

The development of immunodeficient mouse models has advanced our understanding of how cancer progresses and has drastically improved oncology and immuno-oncology drug development research. GemPharmatech has carefully developed the NCG mouse strain, which lacks T, B, and NK cells, making it one of the most comprehensive immunodeficient mouse models available. Our NCG mice are powerful tools for modeling human diseases and are widely used for cancer immunotherapy research using cell derived xenografts (CDX) and patient derived xenografts (PDX). These mice are also ideal for immune system reconstitution using human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMC) or human hematopoietic stem cells (HSC). Topics for this webinar include:

  • An introduction to our NCG mice

  • Discussion about the advantages, benefits, and limitations of our NCG mouse models

  • Overview of our Next-Generation NCG strains and their role in oncology research

  • Applications for using humanized and immune reconstituted NCG mice for evaluation of oncology drug development

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